Bali Belly Recovery


Rushing to the bathroom with an upset stomach or food poisoning is the last way you want to spend your holidays.

Traveller's diarrhea can affect people travelling anywhere, but most frequently affects tourists visiting developing countries

Bali Belly is just a quirky name for traveler's diarrhea and stomach pain suffered by tourists in Bali. It is technically an acute case of gastroenteritis, or gastro for short, and is almost always caused by eating contaminated food or water.

This treatment includes:

  1. IV NaCl hydration
  2. IV Stomach protector
  3. IV antinausea
  4. Anti cramping
  5. Anti diarrhea
  6. B complex (delute)
  7. Medicine maintenance
  8. Note : The previous medical record is needed

Price IDR 1,950,000